In a criminal matter, the government is accusing you of a crime which is punishable with incarceration, fines, and sometimes death.  The government has vast resources and does not have your interests in mind. 

If you are accused of a DUI or criminal charge, it is important to have an experienced, seasoned lawyer who will provide you with quality legal representation. I have the knowledge and skills to defend you successfully, and I will aggressively fight to get you the best possible results. I have defended hundreds of persons accused of crimes in Arizona and Federal Court including, DUI, Extreme DUI, Aggravated DUI, Aggravated Assault, Theft, Forgery, Domestic Violence, Armed Robbery, Drug Offenses, Theft of Means and Manslaughter.

I offer 24hr emergency assistance and advice as well as reasonable fees with payment plans available. I understand the extreme financial and emotional impact a criminal charge can have on you and your family.



In Arizona, marriages “Dissolve” after the conclusion of a “Dissolution Proceeding”. This used to be formerly known as a “Divorce”. “Irretrievably broken/ irreconcilable differences” is the only grounds which are recognized for “Divorce” in Arizona. It is not necessary to find that somebody is “at fault” for the “Dissolution”. All that is required is that one party wishes to get the Divorce.  I will assist you through all stages of your "Divorce" and assure that there is an equitable, or just, distribution of all property.  

If children are involved, no parent is favored for custody.  The courts look into the best interests of the child(ren) for custody and will set a visitation schedule which best fits the needs of the child(ren).  

From time to time it will become necessary to change your custody and visitation orders.  This is especially true when one parent is not honoring their side of the bargin or when major life events happen.  This is known as modification.  The court must determine whether there has been a substantial and continuing change of circumstances from the time the original order was entered.  

These are extremely difficult and stressful times in your life and you need the right lawyer that can advocate for you and has your back.  



Personal injury cases are legal disputes that arise when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else might be legally responsible for that harm. A personal injury case can become formalized through civil court proceedings that seek to find others legally at fault through a court judgment or, as is much more common, such disputes may be resolved through informal settlement before any lawsuit is filed.  

Some of the most common personal injuries are auto accidents.  Insurance companies are involved that will try to deny your claim, bury you in paperwork, or pay you as little as possible.  Do not run the risk of losing your case by trying to do it yourself.  Different cases have a different statute of limitations, which is a cut-off period when you can no longer sue and recover your damages.

I also handle dog bites. Arizona's dog bite statute imposes strict liability on the owner of a dog that bites a person.  In Arizona, dogs do not get "one free bite;" owners are held strictly liable for injuries caused by their dogs' actions and liability is imposed without regard to an owner's knowledge of the dog's viciousness.



A contract is an agreement between two parties. Those parties may be individuals or business entities. In Arizona, a contract may be written or oral. If one of the parties fails to perform on the contract, that party is deemed to have breached the contract and may be sued. If the breach of contract occurs on a written contract, the party that has breached the contract may be sued for a period of six years after the breach occurs. If the contract is an oral agreement, the party that has breached the contract may only be sued for a period of three years after the breach. The period of time that a party may sue for a breach of contract is called the “statute of limitations”.

In Arizona, lawsuits for the breach of a contract may allow for the prevailing party to receive an award of his, her or its attorney’s fees. The award of attorney’s fees is at the discretion of the court, but normally the court does allow an award for some amount of attorney’s fees to the prevailing party. The prevailing party is also awarded the party’s actual costs in filing the lawsuit (filing fee and costs of service on the defendant(s)). However, a prevailing party is not awarded attorney’s fees in the case where a defendant does not answer the Complaint and there was no written contract that states that attorney’s fees will be awarded in the case of a breach. In short, it is always prudent to put all contracts in writing. Also, it is always wise to state within any contract that in the event of a breach of a contract the breaching party will be responsible for payment of reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.

If you have a tenant or tenants who have not paid rent, are commiting criminal offenses in your rental, are abusing your written rules, or simply do not want to leave after a proper notice, then you need to evict them from your property.  You cannot cancel their services (electric, water, heat, etc.) or lock them out;  you must follow strict guidelines.  Do not risk getting your case dismissed and losing more money.  Come see me immediately.